Business catalyst

Catalyst, substantif masculin
A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process

SMLB NEXT is a flexible, responsive and reliable facilitator-advisor for you and your business

SMLB NEXT improves supply chain performance by optimising costs

SMLB NEXT specialises in managing all IT hardware, solutions & software purchases

SMLB NEXT has proven expertise for all products: software, hardware and industry-specific solutions, and provides a proven and competitive solution to the challenges of non-strategic product management.
SMLB NEXT’s expertise allows you to fully concentrate on growing your business. Give our teams of specialists an assignment so that you can get on with other business. We will take care of all the rest, so that your business can simply grow!

25 years of expertise

80 million
euros turnover

24,000 purchases
and sales per year

118,000 quotes submitted,
66% conversion rate

new suppliers

permanent projects

We have more than 25 years’ experience,
but we still have the mindset of a start-up!



A single contact person

SMLB NEXT provides you with a dedicated contact person for a more efficient project

Rationalising your suppliers

SMLB NEXT takes away the worries and constraints of professional, non-strategic purchases

Greater visibility

SMLB NEXT gives you the tools you need to monitor an entire project from request to invoicing

Dedicated support

SMLB NEXT gives you extra support: we are responsive and reliable, freeing you up to deal with the basics more quickly


our priority

Our job is to considerably reduce the number of suppliers in your supply chain to avoid unnecessary costs and generate significant savings. Our strategic solutions for rationalising suppliers, combined with a dedicated platform to monitor your project allows you to concentrate solely on your business and gives you peace of mind.
Meanwhile, our teams focus on tail end spend management in order to generate significant savings and increased return on investment. We also reduce the risk of non-conformity and unnecessary spending.


to accelerate your business growth

SMLB NEXT is at your disposal with a unique, tailored and consolidated service.
We work in close collaboration with all the best known and trustworthy global suppliers and software companies, so we can always offer you satisfaction.
We will always say ‘yes’! Our expertise in rationalising supplies also enables us to simplify sometimes complex processes. Leaving you to concentrate on your real business without having to deal with non-strategic IT purchases such as equipment, software, services and other technologies.


The benefits for your business

  • Reducing costs
  • Improving efficiency
  • Minimising risks