SMLB NEXT supply chain functions


We can simplify your purchasing and logistics procedures according to your requirements by adapting to your processes.

Management of delivery times
> Delivery according to your procedures
> Labelling according to your requirements
> We can organise appointments
> Dispute resolution management adapted to your organisation
> Portal to simplify communication between us

SMLB NEXT sales functions


We allow you to save time and find new customers by adapting your internal processes and by being listed with web integrators and central purchasing services

> Confidentiality of business relations
> Sourcing
> Procurement
> Delivery on all continents

SMLB NEXT Finance functions


We help you achieve cost savings and support your teams by managing a single supplier and rationalising business processes.

Management of national currencies net of all import taxes (transport, customs)
> Management of payments by credit or debit card or when the order is placed
> EDI invoicing
> Management of Incoterms

SMLB NEXT customer satisfaction
Improve the satisfaction of your customers and your teams
by providing more visibility and facilitating your business relations
SMLB NEXT same contact person
The same contact person
will oversee your entire project
Put your trust in SMLB NEXT:
No conflicts of interest with your customers or competitors
SMLB NEXT expand your business
Take advantage of new opportunities
to expand your business
SMLB NEXT save time
Save time in your activity
by cutting your delivery time


To give you piece of mind so you can focus on your activity

Our job consists in considerably reducing the number of suppliers in the supply chain to avoid unnecessary costs and generate significant savings.

Our strategic solutions for rationalising suppliers, combined with a dedicated platform to monitor your project allow you to concentrate solely on business and give you peace of mind.
Meanwhile, our teams focus on tail end spend management in order to generate significant savings and increased return on investment. We also reduce the risk of non-conformity and unnecessary spending.

We provide you with a unique, tailored and consolidated service.

We work in close collaboration with all the best known and trustworthy global suppliers and software companies, we can always give you a positive response to ensure your satisfaction.

Our expertise in rationalising supplies also enables us to simplify sometimes complex processes. The result: you concentrate on your real business without having to deal with non-strategic IT purchases such as equipment, software, services and other technologies.

SMLB-NEXT speed your delivery times
SMLB-NEXT improve your processes
SMLB-NEXT minimize risks
SMLB-NEXT consolidate your spending
SMLB-NEXT access an open-ended catalogue


Bespoke services

We put our comprehensive expertise at your disposal, from distribution to the management of the supply chain.

In this way, we can provide you with bespoke services to meet all your needs to allow you to cut your costs and improve performance.

Whether you are a software company, manufacturer or web integrator who wants to simplify the marketing of your offers, or a central purchasing service or a distributor who wants to rationalise your purchases, we have the solution for you!

SMLB NEXT sourcing
Assigning the request and sourcing
SMLB NEXT creating quotes
Creating quotes according to individual processes
SMLB NEXT placing orders
Placing orders
SMLB NEXT project monitoring
Project monitoring
SMLB NEXT compliance monitoring and delivery
Compliance monitoring and delivery
SMLB NEXT invoicing and payment
Invoicing and payment
Do you have a project?