From distribution to supply chain management

We offer bespoke services to meet all your needs, from distribution to supply chain management, while significantly reducing your costs.

Management of non-strategic issues

Did you know that 85% of spending is done through 20% of suppliers? So how do you deal with the remaining spending, which goes through 80% of suppliers, thus generating a huge number of contracts to manage?
This tedious, time-consuming and costly task (the average cost per transaction for non-strategic purchases is higher than other spending) renders your standard supply chain management ineffective in practical terms. However, non-strategic purchasing can become a source of cost savings.
Many leading tech companies have already entrusted SMLB NEXT with the management of their non-strategic purchases. Our solution can be tailored to each individual company, making communication transparent and efficient, as a result offering direct benefits and cost savings to our customers.


What if you had access to a full range of hardware and software technologies for your company, without having to manage multiple suppliers while also remaining cost-effective? SMLB NEXT provides a global service offer, enabling companies like yours to improve supply chain processes, while remaining flexible and compliant. Our solutions for rationalising suppliers and tactical supply are already proven.
Here are the benefits for you:
• you save time because we manage your relationships with all the suppliers in your supply chain
• you save money because we can access preferential prices due to volume
• you have peace of mind because the flexibility we can offer suppliers in commercial exchanges enables us to reduce the risks connected with contract negotiations and quickly reach agreement. Our payment terms and conditions are standardised, whatever the terms agreed with suppliers, which improves your cash flow and simplifies your supply chain management.

Advice, accompaniment and strategy

No other company focuses entirely on managing non-strategic spending in your supply change like SLMB NEXT does. Non-strategic spending is much more than just low value purchasing. For SMLB NEXT, with its 25 years of expertise, non-strategic expenditure becomes strategic when it generates cost savings for you and your company.
60% of Chief Procurement Officers think that their teams do not have the necessary skills to implement their supply chain management strategy. Relying on an external expert like SMLB NEXT is a logical solution for technology and service providers looking to grow their business.

Providing professional solutions

When it comes to supplying IT equipment and software, we have two major objectives: significantly reducing costs and finding innovative solutions.
• Reducing costs
Finding the right product from the right supplier in good time is a long and arduous task for companies. You need an agile, fast partner capable of meeting all its customers’ requests. We work with suppliers worldwide to consolidate your supply chain and make your business more cost-effective.
• Innovation
Our innovative approach to providing professional IT solutions offers much faster delivery times and greater clarity when it comes to emerging technologies, with the aim of achieving customer loyalty.

Save your
business time :
you no longer have
to find your suppliers

The same contact
will oversee
your entire project

Put your trust in
no conflicts of interest
with your customers or competitors

Take advantage of new opportunities
to expand your business

Improve customer satisfaction
by cutting your delivery time

SMLB NEXT has THE solution,
for all your needs!




Our process for a faultless project

An efficient approach
adapted to your and your customers’ needs

Customer service at your disposal
to accompany you through each step of your project

Simplifying processes
for greater efficiency and cost reduction

Total reliability
that prioritises integrity and confidentiality

Our specialised teams
rationalise and consolidate your IT expenditure

An innovative mindset
to help start-ups and software companies to develop